Here is a MOC of mine. Crystalia! The Queen Of Frost and Ice!
  • She seeing a Oncoming Storm

We got some pics here.

And some more.
  • Crystalia after burning down Avatix
  • Crystalia walking
  • On Lunara
  • Holding out her hands
  • With her Wings spread out
  • Deep in thought, looking

And even more!
  • Flying up at hyper speed, using the move known as Hyper Flight
  • Some Metrics
  • Glaring angrily
  • A look at her arm. The Taxadox armor is her gauntlet.
  • A look at her leg
  • Her wings reaaallly spread out
  • Walking in her Frost Palace in the Lunar Citadel
  • With two of her brothers
  • With 2 of her brothers
  • Her legs

Awww :( no more pictures ;(

Welp now for some trivia.

The pics belong to Clever Crowe's Valkyriel MOC, yet i used them for Crystalia in her true form.

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