These guys were probably some of my first MOCs ever. So i am fond of them, some i have kept all these years! Back then i was really young, so i did not make many Pics. Sorry.

Let's begin. That is Acidikai with the Lehrak arm. He is kind of a Anti-Hero. He used to be a Toa who went bad because he suffered mental trauma. He ended up getting a Nynrah Acid Blaster(lehrak hand) and a gauntlet(other hand).

He would sometimes beat up Vahki. He particularly like fighting the Ga-Metru ones and the Keerakh and Nuurahk. I had to revamp his legs.

Next we got a super Vahki named Rezarok.
Super earth Vahki

He used to be your average Vahki, till he got thrown in a vat of Mutagen, which gave him a personality and independant thought. Cause a Nuhvok-Kal was in the fusion with a Oohnorak, he gained there powers as well along with a Vorahk. He's still intact, i just dont know where he is.

Oooh, this was one was a doozy! Super Ehlek!
Super Ehlek
I think my inspiration was to build a better Ehlek or something. I think its like a fusion of Ehlek, Zaktan and some Lewa DNA. This is a Rahi however, not a sentient being. The Ehlek spines conduct energy, while the movable jaws make electricity(with da ehlek weapons). He was a personal favorite. I got him still intact. Anyway, the Rahi is supposed to be a large Predator, which feeds off of nearly anything. There favorite method is eating Taeka shark.

Trila is a savage yet attractive toa of Toxins. She utilizes her Zamor Launcher which can shoot Toxin spheres. She likes pushing Matoran around. She also has a Blade. She will stop at NOTHING to destroy Kade, but when she killed him she was sad to not have a purpose. So she went to work for the Dark Hunters.

And finally, i have to say quite possibly my favorite out of the hole bunch, FROSTALA!!!!!!
Frostala is a Rahi though. Frostala was a prototype for the Visorak and Toa and other species, which got combined by Chirox. He gave it to Tazzuk, who in return gave it to Toxica, his daughter. Now the creature was still asleep, still in it's precreation form. Thus Toxica had it since birth for it. I believe that the Skakdi head is supposed to be a lens for a cannon or something. The gold things IDK either. I just REALLY like this MOC alot. Probably my favorite.
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