Sup guys. We are back with another MOC. Sentinelax!
  • From my power i shall light thy cookie dough of holyness!
  • Sentinelax awakening
  • A image of his back
  • Hmmm.....what to smash? *taps hammer*
  • Sentinelax coming out of his home.
  • Sentinelax walking

Set one of images:

Set two of images:
  • I hate you -_-
  • I should not have drunken that beer! :P wooty wooty
  • Put em up! Put em up! Put your hands in the air! Put em up!
  • His lower leg
  • Back of legs
  • I see you!
  • I am the lord of light! Wait....wrong dimension
  • Sentinelax, Vulcanix and Jindrexa.jpg Another pic....Jindrexa, Vulcanix and Sentinelax

No more :( :( :(

Anyway the pics belong to my friend, Clever Crowe. And his character Masamun'ael.

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