Crystalia, Makuta of Frost. She can create shoot thousands of tiny shards of ice in a explosion, which hurt the enemies, and can explode on command, or release things making them more potent.

"Corrupt" is a Dark Hunter who left for the brotherhood, killing 100 Dark Hunters after him. He did lose his arm in a battle, so he replaced it with a Mechanical one with features. Such as a Double Barrel Sonic Cannon, razor fingertips, and a shatter touch. He has a translator on his neck in the back, a Saw Shield and a Rau/Hau hybrid with both mask powers.

Necrolai is a Vampire Lord. He can generate Crystalline Protodermis inside him and release it as a weapon. He carries two Swords. And he can meld into shadows at times. He has a strange hatred for Muaka and Kane-Ra.

Vulcana, Toa of Lava. She can control Iron, Fire, Stone, Air and Earth at toa nuva level(the earth is non elemental and limited to Turaga level). She carries flame swords. She is rather obnoxious and rude at times. Hating Toa of Air.
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